My philosophy

My philosophy is simple. Love is all we need.


I'm not much interested after that.


* * *


When I was in my early teens I began to realise that my ideas about life were somewhat different to the ideas being put forward by the teachers in my school, and the politicians who were running the world. The idea that I should work hard, get qualifications, and get a 'good' job, and thus be happy, didn't ring true for me.


Working hard, good jobs, and wealth are not related in any way to happiness. If they are, then that is a pretty small percentage of us who could ever be happy - that's clearly got to be bollocks.


I was not alone in my views. The 60s happened just at the right time for me, thank god. For me there was a choice - a life doing some crap meaningless job or a life working for 'love and peace'. It was no contest. Having said that, it was no easy task to 'drop out', and if I am honest here, dropping out isn't the ultimate answer anyway. But back then, as a young adult, it really was the best move I ever made.


So what has this all got to do with philosophy. Well, here's the connection. This world and everyone in it needs to feel ok. I worked that out from knowing that it was exactly what I needed, and then over the years seeing that I was not alone in that need. If I felt ok then I was happy. So then it just came down to working out what did I have to do to feel ok? You'd think it would be a pretty easy job to work that one out wouldn't you, but here I am some forty years on, and I'm still getting in a muddle now and again.


to be cont'd


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I hate war

It's a feeling - not a theory


I do enjoy philosophy, but really, truthfully, it's not about that. There is a feeling which, when we experience it, we have no need to have discussions or answer questions.


That feeling is what makes sense of this life. And I'm going to say it folks - for me, nothing else does!

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