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I Blame the Beatles - published 1997


This was my first book, and the one I am most proud of. Sarah told me to order 500 copies but I was convinced I could sell a 1000. I sold 600 and now I have 400 out in the shed. In a few hundred years time someone will find them and have a good laugh at my expense.



You can actually buy the book on Amazon for 1p. or from me for £5 - plus p&p I've got a shed full! Contact me on


Latest update on stock levels - amazingly sales are still happening so numbers are drifting downwards.


* * *



Be With Your Horse  - published 2005


I wrote this book in 2004 and, amazingly, I was lucky enough to get it published. I'm still pretty pleased with the book and I'd say a lot of it, in fact most of it, is still pretty representative of how I feel about my work with horses.


Of course as the years go by things change. Now I feel that my relationship with horses is even more simple and clear than it was back then. And also, perhaps most importantly, over the last few years I have really begun to think about, and understand the importance of how we ride the horse. That's not in this book, it's in the next one. But I'd say BWYH is still a useful read.


* * *



A Year in Second Life - written in 2008  (27,000 words and approx 20 pics)


I read an article offering people a second life. Ummm I thought, that could be fun. I'd always wondered what my life would have been like if I had taken a few different decisions along the way, so I thought I'd give it a try.


Boy, oh boy, that was some year. I met some really strange people and witnessed some really bizarre situations along the way. I met some really nice people too. Not sure I'd recommend people to go there, but I'm glad I did. I went back in there a few months ago to see what it's like now. Things had changed quite a bit and I got out pretty quick. You do need quite good computer skills to play the game - I haven't got what it takes any more.


Not sure how you get to read this book - I'm still working on how to get that organised.


* * *



Autobiography of a Nobody  - published 2012


I've been writing this book over the last couple of years, and now it is finally in print. It is also available as an ebook. It's about my life as a hippy, and everything that's happened along the way. A few people have read it and told me it is a good read (maybe they were they just being polite!)


225 pages and 20 B&W pics.


* * *


Baucher and the Ordinary Horseman - published May 30th 2014


80,000 words


In my life working with horses, I came across two key discoveries that have had a major impact on my horsemanship. Firstly, when I experienced and understood 'feel' - I can't begin to imagine being with horses without some knowledge and understanding of this. And secondly, when I experienced and understood the freedom and balance that Francois Baucher studied and taught throughout his life.

Working with horses knowing these things has been an absolute revelation for me. To truly understand the importance of feel, freedom and balance to the well-being of the horse is, I believe, as good as horsemanship can get.


* * *


In the end I decided to self publish the book. I did have some interest from a couple of publishers but I wasn't prepared to make the changes they wanted. If you do buy a copy, and enjoy it, I would be really grateful if you can give the book a review and some publicity on social media or whatever.






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