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27 March 2013


This line from a String Band song really hit me when I first heard it in the 60s.


"Each moment is different from any before it. Each moment is different, It's now"


That's what we've got. If we're not there, we're missing it.


* * *


25 November 2012


Life goes through many phases. And life online does too.


I remember several years ago, when I started my blog, it was great to have somewhere to write, and to have a few people to read what I had written. And then Facebook came along, and then Twitter, and then I got a bit overwhelmed by it all, and then I gave up.


Now I am back writing, and I want to use this space to carry on my crusade against the ridiculous idea that life is about pursuing the materialistic dream. All of my statistics are made up on the spur of the moment and come with no guarantee of being correct. I use them only to make a point. So see what you think of this one. If everyone in the world used as much of the planets resources as the average American, we would need two and half planets to provide those resources.


And still our politicians tell us we would be happier if we had more stuff - what bollocks!


Ah well, see ya. I'm just off to pick up my new iphone. So excited!

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