Websites that I like, and why This was the website that I started when I wrote my book, Be With Your Horse. It now belongs to our friend Kate who works a lot with my wife Sarah. Kate writes a really good blog here too. I would say that, over the years, Mark has been the biggest influence on my horsemanship. I have always found him to be a thoroughly good bloke too! This is a site about the work of Prem Rawat. I have been following his teachings since 1973. I first registered with the SA in 1974. At that time we had a herd of six organic cows and I did a milk round selling our milk in our local village. I like the SA because they work very hard to maintain high organic standards. This is the website of my friends Nathen and Hiromi. They run a really cool stall in Totnes market selling natural fibre products.




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